We are Photographers.

Fotolab will make your guests look good. Really good. Funny, silly photos are cool. But completely unflattering photos? Not so much. While we can't eliminate every variable that leads to less-than-lovely images (like say, 6 glasses of champagne on an empty stomach), we can stack the odds of any circumstance in your favor with studio-quality lighting, a trained technician, and professional camera equipment. Trust us, it pays to stick with the pros.

We are Thrifty, not Thrifty.

Vintage thrift store props are a secret ingredient in Fotolab's success with images. We boycott chintzy props, and laugh in the face of cheap adornments. If you're going to dress up, do it in style. Not only are things like plastic mustaches and faux-ethylene-fur downright weird, they also take a toll on our environment and the quality of your images. In a disposable world, we're doing our part to recycle. And in the end, that's lucky for you. Because authentic props really do matter.

We are Seriously Social.

Print, share or send your images immediately from the event with Fotolab. We believe in living large and sharing our experiences with the world. We're arguably addicted to the challenge of capturing great moments in time and we'd be hard-pressed to live a week without the internet. Some call us digital junkies. We prefer to think of ourselves as storytellers on the go. If you're like us, you'll appreciate that Fotolab's system is wifi-enabled and totally connected, putting the power of priceless images in your hands, pronto. Print a photo to mail your Great Aunt Mabel or upload an image to your Facebook page, wah-lah. Either way, we say: go forth and share on. 


St. Augustine Photo Booth - Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is FotoLab?

FotoLab is a portable, open-air, studio-like photo booth that uses high-end digital camera equipment and professional studio lighting to produce exceptional event photos. It's a fresh, modern take on traditional photo booth photography.

What about photo quality?

FotoLab was designed and built by award-winning professional photographer Scott S. Smith who wanted a photo booth capable of producing studio-quality images. FotoLab is equipped with a professional studio strobe and Canon DSLR camera to get the results your event deserves.

Can I choose the background?

Yes. Our job is to make sure your images seamlessly complement the look and feel of your event. We have a variety of fabric backgrounds as well as a green screen  which enables virtually any type of background customization, from stylized wedding themes to visual corporate branding.

How long will it take before I can review my photos?

Photos will appear on FotoLab's viewing screen about one half-second after they are taken.

Can I bring my own props?

Absolutely. We encourage it.

Do you sanitize your props?

Definitely. We clean and sanitize every prop before and after every event.

Fun Photo Booth Rental in Jacksonville

How much space do you require?

FotoLab's studio-like configuration is extremely adaptable and can accommodate virtually any space.

Ideally, we feel most comfortable with an 8ft x 8ft x 8ft footprint, but if you are pressed for space, we can work with nearly any alternative.

What kind of access to plug-ins and power will FotoLab require?

FotoLab was designed to be completely self-contained. If there is access to a simple 110V power source, great. But if your event is outside or takes place in a venue where access to outlets is limited, no problem.

What do I get when I hire FotoLab for my event?

Our rental set-up includes: a tasteful wood-cased camera, one backdrop of your choice or 12 green screen backdrop choices, authentic vintage props, a technician on-site, and a touchscreen interface which allows guests to email or share photos instantly via Facebook or Twitter.  Within 24 hours, all event photos are loaded to a web-based gallery, so any guest can order professional quality prints (for a fee), or download image files of their choosing for free.

Do you offer prints and printing?

Yes. For an additional fee, we can equip your FotoLab rental package with a Dye Sub printer which will produce archival-quality prints on-site in just seconds. If you'd prefer not to pay extra for the printer add-on, guests can still order prints in a wide range of sizes from your gallery online.

Do you offer discounts for non-profit events like fundraisers?

We love to help raise money for good causes. If you are a registered non-profit operating a charitable event, we are happy to offer you a special rate. Contact us

How do I book FotoLab for my event?

First, contact us to confirm FotoLab's availability on your event date. If FotoLab is available, we'll send you a contract. As soon as you sign and return the contract with a 50% deposit, the date is yours.